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The University of Tasmania (UTAS) Foundation Year in Tasmania serves a number of different purposes according to student requirements. These include completing the program as a pre-university year after completing a Year 11 program or up-grading high school results so the student can gain entry to a tertiary program. The UTAS foundation program is an excellent first step for students to familiarise themselves with Australia and to prepare to enter their chosen course of tertiary study.

The Foundation program at UTAS can be completed over 24 weeks, running from either January to June or from June to December. This gives students an excellent opportunity to prepare for and enter university in just 24 weeks of pre-university study, if their marks are at an acceptable level

Students must complete the three core subjects of English for Academic Purposes, Australian Studies, and Computing Skills and Research. Along with these, a student can select from a range of subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics (Science), Mathematics (Commerce), Accounting, Business Organisation and Management, Legal Studies, Australia in Asia and the Pacific, Psychology, Physics. This range means that students are able to select from a wide variety of subjects that can directly prepare them for tertiary studies

To find out more about the Tasmania Foundation Year you can click on the following link to explore their website and make an application:

UTAS Foundation Program Link

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